Have you seen God recently?

I talk to people all the time who struggle with their relationship with God. It’s not that they don’t want to have a better relationship with Him, it’s that they simply don’t see Him. It’s not only that they don’t see Him but they don’t hear His voice or feel His presence either. As far as [...]

You cannot truly worship God without others.

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Romans 12:1 Romans 12 has commonly been considered to be speaking about the spiritual gifts of believers. While I can see why some may think that I think it’s [...]

Why attendance matters

I wanted to offer some perspective on many pastor’s fixation on Sunday morning attendance. Many pastors get picked on for caring to much about numbers. We’re told that we are only concerned with growing our churches and for many building their ministerial net worth. Now certainly there are churches and pastors who are doing what [...]

Suffering & Struggles

About a year ago at church a story was shared about the persecution of various pastors in Uganda. These pastors were blindfolded and lined in front of a firing squad. The particular pastor this story is about heard the gun fire but was miraculously not shot. I in no way want to over simplify this story but [...]

The Resurrection and Life of Christ made Evident

On the third morning after Jesus death the disciples were terrified. Never has so much been lost at one time. At least I assume thats how it must have felt Jesus is dead. God is a fairytale. Years of their lives wasted and now the future seems pretty dark as well. Nothing could convince them [...]

Darkest before the Dawn

Jesus came to earth in the flesh to change everything. He came to redeem the world, teach his law, and demonstrate his kingdom to all of us. 12 men gave up everything to follow him. What they experienced during that time could never truly be captured. It’s the type of experience that changes ones life forever. You [...]

Home is where you unpack your baggage

It really doesn’t matter how long you have been living in exile or even the reason you exiled yourself in the first place. One day sometime ago you left but you didn’t leave empty handed. You packed your bags with whatever made you leave and you started walking. You may have wandered from church to church or [...]

Living in Exhile

Are you currently in exile? In 597 BCE the Babylonians destroyed Jerusalem and the Jews were kicked out of there homeland. It wasn’t until 538 BCE, after the Persians had conquered the Babylonians, that the Jews were released to return home. I see a lot of similarities with many Christians and the exiled Jews. Thus [...]

Christianity’s Biggest Spokesperson

Christianity’s Biggest Spokesperson

It looks like Pat Robertson is at it again. He recently made some remarks about the Broncos picking up Peyton Manning and how he felt they treated Tebow poorly. In his remarks he said that if Manning were to aggravate his injury it would serve them right. In his mind, if this would occur, it [...]

In Case of Fire

In Case of Fire

Everyday as I wait for the elevator at work I’m greeting by the sign above. It’s there to offer people a safer alternative “if” there should be a fire. The sad thing is I know far to many people who view their relationship with God as if it serves the same purpose. In case of [...]